Pitsky. (HUSKY PIT BULL TERRIER MIX) The Pitsky is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the American Pit Bull Terrier and Siberian husky dog breeds. They vary in size from medium to large, they’re energetic and loyal, and these pups inherited a number of the simplest qualities from both of their parents. … These high energy dogs need fast-paced lifestyles.


The Pit Bull Terrier is a family dog. Pit Bulls aren’t good guard dogs because they just love people such a lot, they’re affectionate with both adults and kids. Normally pit-bull Height is:17 to 19 inches and Weight is:30 to 85 pounds there lifetime is:12 to 16 years Pit Bull Terriers aren’t a decent choice for people that can give them little or no attention. Pit Bull Terriers are generally healthy,


The Husky is a beautiful dog breed. This medium-size dog possesses power and athleticism. First developed as sled dogs — some are still utilized in this capacity — Huskies are remarkable dogs — and their ability to seek out is staggering..



Other Name Pitsky
Pitsky’s Coat Short Coats, 
Pitsky Colors White, Black, Brown, Grey, Brindle
Breed Type Cross Breed


Life Span 12 to 16 years


Shedding Low to Moderate


Pitsky’s Size Medium to Large
Pitsky Weight 30-85
Barking Often
Good With Other Dogs Yes

 History of The Husky Pit Bull Mix

 Pitsky is that the combination of American pit bull terrier and a Siberian husky the origin of the Pitsky is unknown. Husky and pit-bull mix dogs are around for many years, but it’s not until recently that they became a product of intentional breeding. It’s highly likely that the breed came to be during the height of designer dogs craze. Within the last 20 years,.

The Husky Pit Bull Mix  (PITSKY) Appearance

Pitsky full grown
Ppitsky full grown

pitbull husky mix sea side



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 Pitsky size is medium to large weight in at 30 to 85 pounds and range in height from 16 to 25 inches.  They can inherit the Husky’s gorgeous blue eyes and also the Pit bull’s gentle smile. The coat of the Pitsky puppy’s different. Some have long coats just like the husky, while others have short, dense fur just like the pit-bull.

Feeding Of The Husky Pit Bull Mix

These big pups need to eat plenty and eat well. These dogs will need plenty of food due to their size; it doesn’t mean you must overfeed them. Pit skies can become obese if they’re let to free feed, usually, for a dog of their size, 2.5 to 3 cups of pet-food does the trick. Split their daily dose of food into two separate meals to prevent bloating.

 The Husky Pit Bull Mix Temperament

The Pitsky is a very loyal dog. If it’s a sense that one among its relations is being threatened it’ll never hesitate to defend its family Pitsky likes to play outdoors.it is a really interesting dog very playful and quite intelligent,


Health & care of The Husky Pit Bull Mix

 It is vital to take care of regular checkups with a vet in order that any health issues are often identified and treated as early as possible.

A following health issues are common in Pitsky

Grooming and shedding of The Husky Pit Bull Mix

 Depending on the kind of coat that your Pitsky may have you ever might have daily brushing if coat is long and a dense or weekly brushing if it’s short

  • cleaning her ears once every fortnight,
  • trimming her nails, when needed,
  • brushing her teeth several times every week,
  • bathing her once every two months or when needed

Training and exercise of The Husky Pit Bull Mix 

 Pit skies require a great deal of exercise to stay happy. They like to run, play, hike, pull and play. They also need mental exercise and obedience training to remain happy. Training the Pitsky should be simple as both parents are very intelligent breeds.

Give them a treat or praise once they follow your command – allow them to know they did something right and that they will want to try to to it again.

Socialization is additionally vital for a puppy’s development. They have to understand what behaviors are acceptable and which aren’t.

Pitsky Puppies for Sale

There are vast puppies seller / breeder those are offering Puitbull and Husky Mix for Sale, You can check different adoption services and the seller websites like Lancaster Puppies is the one of them, you can buy the Pitsky for 500 usd to 2000 usd for them.

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 Frequently Asked Questions.  


1: What is husky pit bull mix called? Pitsky
2: How much does Pitsky cost? $500 to $2000
3:What is the life span of Pitsky? 12 to 16 years


 A Pitsky could also be an excellent choice for active families, due to her loyalty, cuteness, and mild temperament. Pit skies make great pets for households with children. They will be very tolerant of youngsters, Active, high-energy families

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