Moyen Poodles, are also known as Klein Poodles, the breed which is also classified with poodles but they have different size, color and looks. These are normally a medium in size and miniature standard poodles. In Europe it is recognized this forth in size as poodle, where it does not still get any reorganization as a distinct size with AKC or UKC in America.

Moyen Poodle origin is in Europe, they have imported in America from there.

These Puppies are registered as standard in size with UKC in AMerica. AKC also registered these as standard poodles. 

Moyen Poodle Size: When it gets mature it will have size of 15 to 20 inches at the shoulder.

Moyen Poodle Weight: 20-30 Pounds.

Moyen Poodle Weight: $1500 to $3000

Breeding Of Moyen Poodles

Not, As many breeders available and these are the rare poodles. That’s why they are also expensive. 

Nature of Moyen Poodles

They are Loving in nature, and you can bring them home. They very quickly adjust with the family members and also with the children it is polite in nature. Because of its size it is also easy to have in home.

They have a very Pleasant temperament, intelligent in nature and easily trainable.

Hobbies of Moyen Poodles

Moyen Poodles love to do hiking, running, diving and other outdoor activities. They easily adjust inside of home and you can play with them as they are not a big excellent choice for apartment and recreational vehicle living.  They are wonderful travel companions that don’t take up a lot of room in the car.  

Health and Age of Moyen Poodle

They are healthy in nature, if you care for them with healthy activities and give them healthy food. They have an average lifespan of 12 – 14.5 years, which is the avg for any type of poodle usually.

End Remarks

These are the as lovely as any Poodle, so if really love to have poodle you can have them. I really recommend them as home pet.


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