Siberian Husky Eye Colors – All You Want to Know

Siberian Huskies are a gorgeous, fluffy breed of dog that has many different eye colors. The most common ones for Siberian huskies are brown, blue and green. In this blog post, we will go over some information regarding the Siberian Husky’s eye color genetics and how it can be passed down from their parents to them as well as which eye colors they’re most likely to have.


Siberian Husky Eye Colors

Some people want to know “Siberian husky eye colors” and I will share what I know. There are five eye color families for the Siberian Husky:

1. Blue Eye Siberian Husky

Huskies with blue eyes are most common with 40% of the breed having this color. Shades can range from light icy blue to deep blue, sometimes with greys and greens in-between. Huskies often have a ring of dark skin around their eyes which help to deflect sun and snow glare and reflection

2. Brown Eye Siberian Husky

Brown eye Siberian Huskies are probably the second most commonly seen color for them. They can have brown, green and blue eyes and they’re also known to be called dark eyed sables. These dogs also share common links with saddlebacks due to their darker coloring on their backs like how the saddleback does with its lighter colored fur on its

3. Parti-color Eye Siberian Husky

A combination of both blue and brown; eyes can be any color from dark to light, but they usually have dark or light eyes .

Some Facts About Siberian Husky Eye Colors

1. The most common eye color for Siberian Huskies is brown

2. Eye colors can also be blue, hazel, or a mix of the two

3. Blue eyes are often lighter than brown and have an icy appearance

4. One way to identify the eye color of your husky is by looking at their paw pads if they’re pink then they likely have blue eyes

5. Dogs with hazel eyes will typically have one shade that’s darker and another that’s lighter in color

6. If you want to know what your dog might look like as it gets older, take a close look at its parents’ fur patterning

7) In general, dogs with light colored coats tend to have light colored eyes while those with darker coats usually sport dark ones

8. According to research done by the American Kennel Club, blue eyed Siberians are not as popular because “they can be difficult to identify”

9. The Siberian Husky also has amber-colored eyes which are more common in this breed than any other color

How to Determine Husky Eye Color

There are three ways for you to determine your dog’s eye color close examination with a flashlight will help you see what lies beneath the surface of your dog’s cornea; contact lenses designed for dogs will show you how your dog sees things on a day-to-day basis; and lastly, there is DNA testing which can tell you definitively what color your dog’s eyes are


You might be lucky enough to have a purebred husky with one of the typical eye colors, but if you’re not sure what color your dog has or how to determine this, we recommend taking them into see an experienced veterinarian. They can look at the iris and give you their opinion on which color is most prominent in your pup’s eyes. If they don’t know either way, there are some other ways that you can try to figure out for yourself! For example, when looking down your pup’s face from above (with light shining directly into his pupils), dark-colored dogs will appear almost black while lighter colored dogs may still show hints of blue around the edges of their irises. Similarly,

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