Coltriever - border collie and golden retriever

Coltriever a Unique Mix Dog Breed – Quick Look

Coltriever, is the mix of border collie and golden retriever, and one of the unique mix breed. The reason for its uniqueness is that it is mixed with the golden retriever and the border collie. Where retriever is humble, home friendly and full of life in other hand its another parent border collie is the smarter, sharp and active.

As i mostly review the different mix breeds in this blog, and i was just learning about him. and going to share a few quick facts about him which could help to decide how it looks like and what is this different in the Coltriever.

Coltriever - border collie and golden retriever mix
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Coltriever Quick Look

Weight45-70 lbs
Height20-24 Inches Male
SizeMedium to Large
Coat TypeDense
Coat ColorsFawn, Pied, Red or White
Amount of Shedding Moderate to heavy
EyesBrown/Amber Almond shaped
NoseBlack / Brown
TemperamentIntelligent, lively, active
Life Expectancy 10 to 16 years
Kid FriendlyYes
New Owner FriendlyYes
Breed RecognitionNo


Well, Coltriever is not a very common breed, but from what I have researched about him I can say it’s a very good mix breed combination. If you can find him, it would be a really good choice for your home pet. It can cost you around $600 to $2000, which depends on the area you are living in. 

I will keep updating this, if I get any physical reviews with personal experience. If you are the owner of this Coltriever, then I will love to know about your experience about him in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Coltriever a Unique Mix Dog Breed – Quick Look”

  1. Helen Jane Marshall

    Coltrievers are amazing dogs. They are smart, trainable, and natural caregivers. Mine stands to help me up from chairs. He stands and I lean on him. He helps me find my way in the dark as if he knows that I can’t see as well as he does. None of these things were taught to him. He is a little bit anxious at times because he always wants to be doing the right thing. He is very tuned in to the feelings of everyone in the house.

    Oh, and in your article, when you mentioned colors, your forgot black, and black and white. Some coltrievers look very much like Border Collies. MIne is marked like a Border Collie, but built like a Golden Retriever. You cannot go wrong with one of these dogs if you are looking for a best friend and a family friendly dog.

  2. I have one…. wonderful, loyal and smart dog! Mine is 2.5 years old, solid black and about 70 lbs. He’s a forever puppy, fun Lil guy <3

  3. I have one…. wonderful, loyal and smart dog! Mine is 2.5 years old, solid black and about 70 lbs. He’s a forever puppy, fun Lil guy <3
    I'm moving onto training him as my service dog……..

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